Faux Taxidermy

DIY Deer Taxidermy- Pick your color

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DIY Deer Faux Taxidermy

Size 8"

Pick your color and your option!

Option 1: Head only

Option 2: Head and random assortment of adornments like lace, flowers, bows etc. 

DIY is easy with this DIY Deer Head. Head will come fully assembled and ready to decorate. If you pick option 2 you'll also get more than enough adornments such as lace, bows, flowers, rhinestones etc. to decorate! Using a glue gun is the best option for attaching things to your head. Once complete, glue to a picture frame, wooden plaque or even a vintage tea plate! 

Shipping:Due to the current COVID regulations I am only shipping once a week on friday. If purchase is made before 4pm on thursday it will ship by the following friday. Thanks for understanding!

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